Seaside 2034: Community and Stakeholder Input

Phase three of the Seaside 2034 Visioning project continued with the process of community and stakeholder input. While establishing community groups was critical to phase two, carrying on thoughts from the community groups along with an additional survey and subsequent town hall meeting were the elements that helped move us from phase three into the fourth phase of vision construction and finalization. 

Highlighting phase three was a Community Town Hall held on August 4 at the Bob Chisholm Community Center. Approximately 65-75 community members came together for a three-hour session facilitated by Portland-based Coraggio Group. 

Assisting with this process was a graphic recorder, who visually captured the discussions that took place at the onset of the meeting as well as throughout the evening session.

Following a Powerpoint presentation that took a look back at past visionaries in Seaside (examples such as Ben Holladay's "Seaside House" - the first known hotel constructed in Seaside, The Promenade construction in the 1920s and construction of the Seaside Civic & Convention Center in 1971), attendees were separated into two smaller groups to discuss key topics.

The two groups were tasked with flushing out the six topic areas that have garnered the most attention during the 11-month old project. From these smaller discussions, each group came up with a perspective on what they see for the future of Seaside.

Perspective 1: Unlike any other coastal community in Oregon, Seaside is different because it provides both residents and visitors with abundant opportunities to nurture families and enjoy nature in a safe community atmosphere.

Perspective 2: Unlike any other community in Oregon, Seaside is different because vacation feels like home. For people who value an authentic small-town feel, Seaside is an ideal place to relax, renew, enjoy nature and create memories.

In addition to these perspectives, along with other notes, images, videos and comments collected throughout the project, the Seaside City Council will now gather for a council workshop on Monday, September 29 from 6 to 9 p.m. to finalize the Seaside 2034 vision. 

To view the complete report from the August 4 Town Hall meeting, along with a project-to-date recap of the process, please click the links below. For questions about the process, please email