Seaside City Ordinances

The Seaside City Ordinances have been updated as of January 1, 2012 with new ordinances or amended ordinances.
All approved ordinances for 2012 are not included. Feel free to contact City Hall if you need a copy of ordinances that have been approved in 2012. 
If you need additional information please contact Kim Jordan, Administrative Assistant, at Seaside  City Hall at (503) 738-5511.  

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                                                 Title 1        General Provisions
                                                 Title 3        Administration
                                                 Title 5        Public Works
                                                 Title 7        Traffic Code
                                                 Title 9        General Regulations
                                                 Title 11       Business Regulations
                                                 Title 13       General Offenses
                                                 Title 15       Land Usage
                                               Table of Special Ordinances
                             Land Division Ordinance                          Zoning Ordinance