City of Seaside officials encouraging residents to prepare for Saturday storm


Seaside, Ore. – October 14, 2016 – As the Seaside area prepares for another significant storm to enter the area on Saturday, the City of Seaside is encouraging residents to prepare accordingly. Officials are anticipating the most severe portion of this storm front to pass through the area Saturday afternoon and into the Saturday evening hours.

The first storms of the year are always a good reminder for residents to make sure emergency kits are prepared and plenty of bottled water is on hand to sustain their family. Check to insure flashlights and fire alarms are in working order and do not use candles in the event of power outages because they pose a significant fire hazard. Traveling by car is discouraged, but if you are on the roadways, pay close attention to road debris, downed tree limbs and never exit your car in the event a power line falls on your car. The safest place to be if this type of situation happens is in your car until emergency personnel are able to arrive on scene. 

There is also a high surf advisory in effect for the Seaside and Oregon coastal beaches that residents and visitors should pay close attention to. Please stay away and off of the beaches as sneaker waves can run up the beach with little or no warning. Rip currents and localized beach erosion may also take place.  

For sustained power outages, residents are encouraged to have a battery-powered radio on hand and consider purchasing a NOAA approved weather radio. Both of these items can assist residents in gathering the most current information available. Weather radios are available for purchase at city hall.

If in fact there is an extended power outage this weekend, residents are advised to shelter in place, if possible. Emergency shelter locations are ready for use should the need arise. Information on emergency shelter locations will be made available as needed.

Residents can gather additional information to prepare for all types of emergency situations at