City of Seaside Elections 2022


Please call for an appointment with Kim Jordan, City Recorder if interested in being a candidate for elections 2022. Phone: (503) 738-5511 or email:

The City of Seaside is accepting applications for the November 8, 2022 elections. Interested candidates can obtain a Candidate Filing form (SEL 101) from the City Recorder Kim Jordan at Seaside City Hall. Candidates must obtain approval of the Candidate Filing form prior to obtaining signatures for the Candidate Signature Sheet. SIGNATURES CAN ONLY BE ACCEPTED ONCE YOU HAVE RECEIVED APPROVAL FROM CITY HALL. 

All forms will need to be completed in their entirety. Forms must be turned into the City Recorder Kim Jordan at City Hall for review to ensure they are complete. Once the forms are approved as complete the candidate will be given the Candidate Signature Sheets / Nonpartisan (Petition). 

Candidates will need to obtain 20 signatures from electors in the ward or wards they are running. It is suggested that the candidate obtain more than 20 signatures in case some of the signatures are deemed invalid. Candidates are required to return the Petitions by August 30, 2022. It is preferred that the Petitions are returned prior to August 23, 2022 so the elections office has time to verify signatures and invalid petitions can be returned and completed by the candidate prior to the August 30, 2022 deadline. 

If a candidate has help obtaining signatures, that person is required to sign and date the Petition after all signatures have been collected on the Petition. Only one person can collect signatures on each Petition. Each helper is required to obtain and use their own Petition. 

CAMPAIGN FINANCE REPORTING IN OREGON - If receiving or spending over $750.00, candidates must report electronically to the Secretary of State's  Office. (The campaign finance manual and the ORESTAR user's manual are available online at

The last day to file a perfected petition is August 30, 2022 before 5:00pm. It is recommended that all paperwork and petitions are submitted at least one week prior to the deadline to ensure all paperwork is turned in on time and the Clatsop County Elections office has time to approve all signatures. This also gives candidates time to obtain additional signatures if signatures on the Petition are rejected. 

Candidates who would like to be listed in the Clatsop County Voters pamphlet should contact the Clatsop County Elections Office. We encourage a candidate's statement and the filing fee and Candidate Statement form are required at the time of submittal.                        

2022 Term Expirations                               

City Council/Mayor Positions Ward(s)
Mayor (Mayor Jay Barber)All Wards, Precinct 117 to 120
City Councilor (Council President Steve Wright)Ward 1, Precinct 119 & 120
City Councilor (Councilor Tita Montero)Ward 2, Precinct 118 & 120
City Councilor (Councilor Dana Phillips)At Large Ward 3 & Ward 4, Precinct 117, 119, & 120

A City Councilor shall be a registered voter in Seaside and shall have resided in the city during the 12 months immediately before being appointed to office. 

To qualify for Council office, the candidate must reside in the ward or wards which the Council position represents, and must continue to reside there through the term of office for which the Councilor is elected or appointed. 

General Information:

The council is composed of seven members, six Councilors elected from four city wards and a Mayor elected at large. Each Councilor, including the Mayor, is entitled to make motions, participate in debate, and to vote on every subject which is to be decided by a vote of the Council, except as limited by conflict or potential conflict of interest. 

The Council is the policy making body of the City. The Council speaks with one voice or not at all; many decisions are not unanimous, but once voted upon define the position of the entire Council. 


The council shall meet at least once a month. Usual procedure is to meet in the Council Chambers at 7:00pm the second and fourth Mondays of each month. Councilors should plan at least 3 hours of preparation before each meeting. An additional meeting may be held on the fifth Monday of months having five Mondays, except Memorial Day. 

Special Meetings:

Special meetings of the Council may be called at any time with 24-hours notice. 

Improvement Commission:

The Improvement Commission consists of the seven Council members and seven appointees. Usual procedure is to meet in the Council Chambers at 6:00pm the first Wednesday of each month. 

City of Seaside Charter


The names of the candidates who have met the filing requirements for these offices are listed below:

Mayor – All Wards

Steve Wright

City Councilor from Ward 1

Duane Solem

Stephen Dillard  

City Councilor from Ward 2

Esperanzita (Tita) Montero

Karl (Dan) Schorr  

City Councilor from Ward 3 & 4 At Large

Samuel Condron – Seamus McVey

Seth Morrisey

Marcus Koczenasz-Runkle