City Parks

Broadway Park

Located at 1300 Broadway, right next to the Sunset Empire Park & Recreation District. This park has a skate park, picnic tables, covered picnic shelter, restrooms and river access.                                                 

Quatat Park

Located at 493 Oceanway (just North of Broadway on the Necanicum River, and opposite the Convention Center), this park has boat ramp, picnic tables, river viewing decks, fishing dock, deck seating with a stage area, and restrooms. This park is also literally footsteps from the shops and attractions on Broadway.  

Goodman Park

Located at 1172 Necanicum On the corner of 12th Avenue and Necanicum Drive, this park has restrooms, basketball hoop, and swings. It is also located right next to the 12th Avenue Bridge, where locals and visitors alike often congregate to enjoy crab fishing off the bridge.

Seltzer Park

Located on Sunset Blvd. in the Cove (South Seaside), this park has excellent ocean-view benches and restroom facilities. Watch the waves, surfers, sunsets and wildlife!

Cartwright Park

Located at 1942 Franklin in South Seaside (off Avenue 'U'), this park has a public boat ramp, restrooms and playground.

Necanicum Estuary Natural History Park

Over the last few decades, day trippers and overnight visitors have frequented Seaside’s boardwalk, drawn to an easy-going and scenic coastal lifestyle.  Increasingly, visitors to Seaside will also be drawn to the natural environment of the rivers, forests and estuaries, in addition to the waves and the sand.  They will learn of the powerful coast-shaping forces of the tsunami, the difficult path of the Coho salmon and the cycle of nutrients formed by the tides.

The Necanicum Estuary Natural History Park will be a gateway to the coastal environment of Seaside.  The park is an opportunity for the City of Seaside to shape their identity as a destination rooted in the natural coastal environment.  Located throughout the urban fabric of Seaside with sites along Highway 101, the park will welcome people to the city and the estuary.  It will be a hub at the center of a vast network of open space, trails and habitat that stretches to the Columbia River and to the headwaters of the Necanicum River.  Ultimately, the City of Seaside will be seen as a city within a park that includes a necklace of restored rivers, coast, and forest.

Located across from Seaside High School on North Holladay, this park has a boardwalk and viewing deck, estuary and beach access, and excellent wildlife viewing opportunities.

Millponds Park

Located at Avenue 'S' on the East side of Highway 101, and turn right onto the unmarked road (Alder Mill Road). Park alongside the road. There are nature trails around the lakes and plenty of birds and other wildlife.

Gateway Park

Located on the Northwest area of Highway 101. There are nature trails and plenty of birds and scenery to look at.