Convention Center Commission

The purpose of the Seaside Convention Center Commission is to be an advisory body to make recommendations to the City Council on matters concerning the Civic and Convention Center. The Commission shall make recommendations concerning policy matters related to the Center and shall also advise the Convention Center Manager, City Manager and City Council on all items relating to the operation of the Civic and Convention Center including but not limited to: Contracts; Building Improvements; Employment of Civic and Convention Center Manager; Rentals; and Budget.

The commission consists of seven members who are not employees of the city and shall be residents, or owners or employees of business within the city limits of Seaside.

Each year, at the first Commission meeting in November, the members shall appoint one of their members as Chairperson and one as Vice-Chairperson. The center manager shall serve as Secretary to the Civic and Convention Center Commission.

The Commission shall hold a regular meeting at least once each month of the calendar year. The meetings shall be open to the public. Any person appointed to serve on this committee who misses three or more regularly scheduled meetings during a 12-month period shall be notified by letter that the position must be vacated. The individual may appeal the decision to the City Council. (A 12-month period is defined as beginning in January of each calendar year.)

The members shall serve without salary or compensation of any nature.

Term of Office: 4 years

Number of Members: 7

Committee Members

NameTitleAddressPhone NumberTerm Expires
Patrick Duhachek


89736 Seals Rd. Warrenton

(858) 774-4678


Nancy McCune

Vice Chair

P.O. Box 315

(503) 260-8905


Jeff Kilday


P.O. Box 1031

(503) 738-3018


Shaun Wagner


300 N. Prom

(503) 440-1911


Tim Tolan


P.O. Box 911

(503) 738-3802


Roger Schultz


2481 Venice Blvd.

(503) 738-5641


Erik Marston


2472 Neawanna

(503) 739-2057