Emergency Preparedness Overview

Welcome to the City of Seaside Emergency Preparedness Website

Whether it's walking along the beach on a rare sunny day or watching the winter storms come in, the Oregon coast landscape is a beautiful, dramatic place to live or visit. These same dramatic landscapes that draw us to the coast can also pose a safety threat if you are not prepared. Coastal communities routinely experience wind storms, flooding from torrential rains, power outages and fires. Although less frequent and familiar, the Oregon coast is also at risk from a severe earthquake, tsunamis, and landslides. Because of the number of jobs, residences and services located in the tsunami inundation zone, Seaside has been identified as the most vulnerable community to tsunamis on the Oregon Coast.

Disaster Preparedness/Homeland Security Information
By taking a few simple steps to inform and prepare yourself, you can limit the risks you and your family face from natural hazards and emergencies. With minimal effort, you can set your mind at ease whether you travel through or live along the Oregon Coast.

In case of a community wide incident the City of Seaside utilizes Nixle through Everbridge to update its citizens.  We encourage all those with app-enabled phone to download the Everbridge App and sign up for alerts.  Other local information can be heard through the designated emergency source, public radio station KMUN 91.9, 104.3, 89.5, 91.3.

There is a great deal of information available on our site as well as the Internet for citizens, organizations, and businesses about disaster preparedness and homeland security. The provided links will take you to some excellent sites where you can learn more about preparing you and your family for a disaster. 

Be READY Seaside!
Every household should be prepared to get through the first seven days of a disaster. Your disaster preparedness kit should start with flashlights and batteries, a battery-operated radio and plenty of water. The Be READY Seaside! campaign is a helpful resource in getting prepared for a disaster.  Learn more http://www.ready.gov/


  • Click HERE for a quick guide to the 5 evacuation routes.
  • Click HERE for an online map showing the fastest route from any address.


Staff Contacts

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Anne McBride Emergency Preparedness Coordinator 503-738-7100