Library Board

The Seaside Public Library Board acts in an advisory capacity to the Library Director and Seaside Public Library on behalf of Seaside City Council regarding the operations of the board that relate to library services, policies, and funding. The Seaside Library Board shall approve bylaws, recommend library policies to the city council, follow Oregon’s open meetings law and public records laws, build a good community support for the library’s services, while actively listening and responding to the community requests for library services.

The board consists of five members appointed by the Mayor subject to City Council approval. The Seaside Public Library is advised by the library board. All terms of office shall be four years beginning on December 31“, and no member shall hold office for more than two full consecutive terms.

The board shall meet at least once a month in the library at a designated time and special sessions may be called by the chair of the board should the chair deem it necessary.

The board shall elect a chairman and vice-chair at the beginning of each serving year, and in the absence of the chairman, the vice chair shall assume the duties of the chairman. The board, should it so desire, may appoint the librarian as secretary to the board to take minutes and to keep a record of its actions.

The members shall serve without salary or compensation for services rendered.

Term of Office: 4 years

Members: 5

Board Members

NameTitleAddressPhone NumberTerm Expires
Catriona Penfield


PO Box 366

(503) 738-6380


Eve Marx


2356 S. Downing St.

(914) 588-7051


Kathleen Teeple


33230 Beernman Creek

(503) 738-3155


Gloria Linkey


561 Bonnie Ct.

(503) 440-7142


Cheryl Adamscheck


3345 Bayview Terrace

(206) 434-2216