Transportation Advisory Committee

The purpose of the Transportation Advisory Commission is an advisory body to make recommendations to the City Council on matters concerning transportation and proposed transportation projects. The Transportation Advisory Commission shall have the powers and duties which are now or may hereafter be assigned to it by Charter, ordinance,
resolution or order of this city and in addition it will:

  • Assist the City Council in recognizing community priorities by advising on transportation policies and goals;
  • Increasing communications between the City, the public, the Oregon Department of Transportation (ODOT), the County, and all interested parties;
  • Reduce misunderstandings concerning transportation planning, design, and construction;
  • Review current transportation related ordinances and recommend amendments;
  • Review proposed transportation projects planned for the City of Seaside and make recommendations;
  • Review the City of Seaside Transportation Systems Plan every five years and report to the City Council;
  • Complete other projects, as they relate to transportation, as directed by the City Council.

The Commission shall consist of five members who are not employees of the City of Seaside and who will be appointed by the City Council. A minimum of four members shall reside within the city limits; and one member may live outside the city limits in order to represent concerns of neighboring properties and jurisdictions.

All members shall serve for a term of four years. Any portion of a term exceeding one-half the period of the term shall be considered a term.

Each year in January, the first meeting of the Commission, the members shall appoint one of their members as Chairperson and one as Vice-Chairperson. City staff shall serve as Secretary to the Transportation Advisory Commission. Minutes of all meetings will be filed with the City Council.

The commission shall hold a regular meeting at least once each month of the calendar year. The meeting shall be open to the public and legally noticed.

Term of Office: 4 years

Members: 5

Commission Members

NameTitleAddressPhone NumberTerm Expires
Terry Hartill


85208 Hwy 101

(503) 738-7108


Ben Olson

Vice Chair

2025 Maple St.

(503) 738-2956


Vineeta Lower


815 6th Ave.

(503) 621-6588


Matthew Stolberg


870 Ave. I, Unit 2

(503) 739-2539


Adam Wood


1581 Whispering Pines Dr. #5

(541) 260-3200


Public Works Liaison

1387 Ave. U

(503) 738-5112