Explore the Visitors Bureau

No trip to Seaside is complete without a stop at the Visitors Bureau. With a wide variety of information, local maps, up-to-date magazines and brochures on nearby attractions and statewide destinations, the Seaside Visitors Bureau can help enrich your stay in Seaside and your travels along Oregon’s beautiful North Coast. We typically have goodies to keep the kids engaged, as well.

The Visitors Bureau is conveniently located at 7 North Roosevelt Dr. on the corner of Highway 101 and Broadway in Seaside, Oregon. You can reach staff during normal business hours by calling (503) 738-3097, sending an email here, or via live chat here. Of course, you may review our extensive website of Seaside travel content 24 hours a day, 7 days a week at SeasideOR.com.

Our famous oversized Adirondack chair is available 24/7 for selfies. Tag #SeasideOregon.

Seaside Adirondack chair