2034 Visioning

City launches ‘Seaside 2034’ visioning project

Seaside, Ore. –  December 9 – The City of Seaside announced the approval of a new 20-year visioning project during a regular scheduled council meeting on Monday night. The project, titled “Seaside 2034: Building a bridge to our future,” will be led by the City’s tourism (Jon Rahl) and library (Esther Moberg) directors, along with the City’s AmeriCorps intern Jeremy Goldsmith.

“The City routinely does strategic planning and goal setting, but we recognized that the visioning process was an aspect that has been missing from our long-term planning process,” stated City Manager Mark Winstanley. “We’re eager to get community involvement for this project and citizens can expect to begin seeing opportunities for participating with the process in the next couple of months.”

First on the agenda is the creation of a community snapshot, which will include census data and a look at the business environment, as well as a brief survey that the City will be sending out in the next four to six weeks. Once the scan is complete, project leaders will form a series of six community groups, (one for each member of the City Council with the mayor rotating amongst the six groups), that will be instrumental in identifying future needs based around key topics of interest.

The group expects to use traditional forms of outreach (newsletters and flyers) but will also be incorporating social media, special events and digital surveys throughout the project to gather data.

Rahl, Moberg and Goldsmith presented their initial outline for the project at a November 18 council workshop. The 14-month plan was passed with approval at the December 9 session. To view the complete outline and watch videos designed to outline the power of visioning, visit the City’s website, cityofseaside.us and click the Visioning tab within the Community section of the site.

Note: To view the presentation that was given during a November 18, 2013 Seaside City Council workshop, please see below:

The following videos were shown during the same council session to illustrate different interpretations of visioning:

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