Tsunami Supply Barrel Program

The City of Seaside is working to provide emergency supply caches in high ground areas throughout the city. The supplies are stored in preparation for a major evacuation resulting from a local subduction zone earthquake that could be followed by a tsunami or other major disaster. With the help of state and federal grant funding and dedicated volunteers from the Tsunami Advisory Group and RARE (Resource Assistance for Rural Environments), the City has filled 119 supply barrels with medical supplies, water purification systems, emergency rations, tarps and radios. Recycled corn syrup barrels were provided by local candy shops. Each barrel has enough supplies to last 20 individuals for at least 3 days. They are stored in residents’ homes above the inundation zone, and will be placed on the curb in the event of a tsunami.

Would you like to keep a Supply Barrel in your home? All barrels are currently distributed among local households, but the city keeps a waiting list for interested families, in case a barrel becomes available. If you live above the tsunami inundation zone and would like to host a barrel, contact Kevin Cupples at kcupples@cityofseaside.us. To determine if your home is above the tsunami inundation zone, enter your address into DOGAMI’s interactive map.

Notice: The city cannot guarantee in the event of a tsunami that individuals will receive aid through the barrel program. It is therefore important that individuals prepare their own evacuation kits. Please see our guide for preparing your own Go Bag.