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Don Larson

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"I loved Seaside when I was 3-and I love it today.

That’s why I enjoy being Mayor of this great city".


Since retiring and moving to Seaside, the Mayor has been involved in city business in a variety of ways. He served on the Planning Commission four years, was on the Seaside City Council for three years, and was then elected Mayor January 1, 2003.


Mayor Larson gives time to listen to Seaside residents and always does his best to secure an appropriate solution to their concerns.  He keeps a working log so that he can follow up on the concerns he has received.  Throughout his years of public service, he has built a solid reputation for strong organizational skills, leadership, and follow-through ability.


The Mayor is a very practical person and is concerned about the conditions and needs for repairs on city-owned public buildings.  The Convention Center also had many serious needs, and he was instrumental in getting the Budget Committee to appropriate funds for the repairs and upkeep. The Mayor continues to concentrate on the City's infastructure; long range planning is a major thrust. Master Plans have been prepared for parks and water storage facility, and now a long range plan is being studied for the Convention Center. The City is completing an update for the Wastewater Treatment Facility and the end results will make the plant GREEN! The 2034 Visioning plan has been completed and the information will be incorporated into the next City Council goal-setting session.


The City is in the early stages of planning the Necanicum Estuary Natural History Park which will be a large natural history area east of Highway 101 from the North entrance to the South entrance into Seaside. This will be a great addition to Seaside both for local residents and tourists. A wonderful element of this development is that the North Coast Land Conservancy now owns the land. The entire City will be working together to see this happen and funds will dictate the time frame.


Additional information about the Mayor:

• Retired from Federal Civil Service
• Retired from the U. S. Army Reserve, rank of Sergeant Major; awarded The

  Legion of Merit 
• Owned property in Seaside since 1984 
• Lived in Seaside since 1991
• Member of the 104th Division Army Reserve for 35 years 
• Past member of the David Douglas School Board, Portland, serving for 13 years..



• Married to Lois Kolden since March 1961
• Sons David and Duane; daughter Lorraine; All family members,

   including 7 grandchildren,live in the Portland area.


Volunteer Service:

• Mayor since January, 2003 to present.
• Seaside City Council:  Elected for remainder of term, January 1998-2000.
   Elected for a four-year term in January 2001-2003.
• Member Seaside Improvement Committee 1996 to present.
• Member Seaside Planning Committee – Appointed June, 1994 and served

  through November, 1998.
• Member David Douglas School Board, Portland, Oregon: elected 3 times and served  as

  Chair and Vice-Chair several years.
• Member David Douglas School District Budget Committee.
• Member David Douglas Citizens Advisory Committee.  This committee was formed in

  1979, and served as its first Chair.
• Volunteer at North Coast Family Fellowship’s AWANA Club, a club for kids

  four years through fifth grade.  Serving as its Commander for 12 years.



• Retired since May 1991
• Staff Training Officer, U. S. Army Reserve, Vancouver Barracks, WA  --

   July 1971-May 1991
• Joined the U. S. Army Reserve, 104th Division (Tng), Vancouver Barracks,

  WA, July 1971. Retired as Sergeant Major February 1989. Received many

  awards, the highest being the Legion of Merit

  Administrative Technician, Oregon Army National Guard, Portland Air Base,

  Portland, OR  --  October 1960-July 1971
• Was a member of the 218th Field Artillery, 41st Division, Oregon Army

  National Guard from  February 1954-July 1971.  Attained the rank of

  Master Sergeant