2022 Fire Season set to begin July 11

News Release

July 8, 2022, Seaside, Ore -- The Oregon Department of Forestry announced this week that fire season will officially begin at 1 a.m. in Clatsop County on Tuesday, July 11, 2022. Fire season is declared each year when conditions of fire hazard exist. This declaration affects all lands, both public and private, in Northwest Oregon and joins most other regions of Oregon already in fire season.

The following Guidelines have been adopted and will be followed for burning within Clatsop County during fire season.
Please note that this closure applies to ALL OPEN DEBRIS BURNING, EXCEPT:

1. Burn barrels allowed, Permits Required: metal barrels in good condition, heavy mesh screens (1/4 mesh or less), available water supply and hand tools required. Daylight to 10:00 am ONLY. Permits obtained at seasidefire.com

2. If you live within our district please call Seaside Dispatch at 503-738-6311 prior to burning to activate your permit for the day, the same rules for burning in barrels the rest of the year still apply, as always within the city limits only yard debris is allowed, and within the entire district plastics, petroleum products, garbage is never allowed, DEQ permits are required for industrial, commercial, construction and demolition debris.

3. Recreational fires are allowed under the following guidelines:

  • At designated campsites, personal residence, or beaches.
  • No closer than 50 feet from dune grass and 15 feet from any structure.
  • No fires allowed in drift wood.
  • Clear of all combustibles (brush, grass, etc.) 5 feet around and 10 feet above.
  • Maximum fire size is 3 feet in diameter and 2 feet in height.
  • Maximum fire pit size is 4 feet in diameter and must be at least 12 inches high.
  • Must be attended at all times
  • Must be completely extinguished prior to leaving.
  • May not be allowed during periods of extreme fire conditions (i.e. – high winds, low humidity, extended periods without moisture, etc.).
  • Permits Required for permanent recreational fires
  • More information can be found in the following graphic.

For more information please contact:
WITHIN SEASIDE CITY LIMITS: Seaside Fire and Rescue: 503-738-5420
WITHIN SEASIDE RURAL FIRE PROTECTION DISTRICT: Oregon Department of Forestry, 503-325-7215 or 503-325-5451

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